Are utilities included in the rent?

Yes, utilities and internet fees are included in the rent. Please note that utilities are included only up to 15,000yen/month for furnished apartments. If utilities exceed 15,000yen, we will charge you the excess.

Do you accept Credit card payments?

Unfortunately, at this time we can't accept payment by credit card. Please pay by cash or bank.

How do I make an application to live in Expo House?

Please register the application form.What should I bring on the day of making contract.Passport or personal ID, deposit and first month payment.

Do many people take shower at same time??

Since our guesthouse has only 2-5 rooms, it’s rare to be crowed.

Do Expo Houses have curfews?

There is no curfew for residents.

Can I lock my own room??

Yes, you can. There is key for each room.

If I have a friend visit, can he/she stay overnight?

Supposedly, it is not allowed to stay. However, if you let us know beforehand, we will permit to stay with in 3 days/month.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes. Your deposit is fully refundable. However, Tenants are required to clean their rooms before moving out. If the room that you move out from is not cleaned properly or equipment is lost, we will deduct additional fees from your deposit.

If you have more questions please call 080-3971-7074 or mail. Thank you.


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